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Types of Diaper

Prefold: "Old-Fashioned" cloth squares are still used as absorbency. Most affordable but requires folding and fastening with separate fasteners.

Fitted: Like the Prefold, it's absorbent, but it has added elastic and it's own closures so very easy to use. No folding required.

Covers: The "keep you dry" layer that goes over the Prefold or Fitted Diaper to make it a complete diapering solution. Comes in different fabrics including Polyurethane Laminate, Wool and Fleece.

All-In-One (AIO): Nothing else needed, just put on like a disposable. Outer is waterproof and inner materials are sewn in and absorbent. It's fast and convenient.

Pocket AIO: Cover with two layers and an opening in the back insert a prefold or doublers/booster. This is also a fast and convenient option.

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